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BUY2BILLIONFOLLOWE is a one-puzzle game. The experience may be pointed, meditative, or haunting. It depends on you.

If you wish to read a personal note before proceeding, you may do so here.

The game is free; please take it. You can come back and leave a tip later, if you think the game deserves it. Every dollar counts and is forever appreciated.


Brush Some font by Xerographer Fonts.

Aero Matics font by Jayvee D. Enaguas.

Some code adapted from Figment Engine.

Inspired by the work of rook and by Serial Experiments Lain.


"2016, Games Criticism, and The Inescapable Madness of BUY2BILLIONFOLLOWE" by Nate Kiernan via Kritiqal.


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I wandered around this world tonight.I tried typing. got some responses. found I got more responses if I used words present in the comments from the paintings.

worked out color coding behind the messages, grey for "Unrelated to you/white noise" green for Yours, and blue for Response to yours, which copies a word that you used for the start of the response.

Found I could get stuck if I force myself behind the cables to the right side of the computer (?) 

and finally, found a singular word that results in a RED entry on the feed.

the word "HELP"

As much as I tried pausing the feed, sprinting around using shift or middle mouse, I couldn't find a way to climb just that little bit higher to get on top of the computer. I dreamed that I could climb up, set foot on one of the entries to the feed, and ride it to freedom, to the outside. Fantasies of escape for a room with none.

Being from 2022 makes this game resonate. I've been dilligent in staying isolated for multiple years now. Locked in a room, looking at the complete nonsense of conversation flowing by, getting replies to me calling out in the only way I can, only to see the responses are all meaningless.

But in the back of my head, I still wonder. Can I escape? Is this a puzzle? Is this a test? Or is this just a mirror being held up? Am I typing this just out of hope of getting some additional bit of info, someone else who's played this, who's found more than me? I don't know.

Have any of you all gained freedom from the room? Or are we all in this together? Seperated, but united in the inability to escape?