A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

When the earthquakes finally stopped, villagers peered into the fissures that had aerated their fields. Below, they could sense only darkness… and the faint aroma of tulips.

You are Knight-Queen Laetitia, and you have resolved to harrow these newly awakened caverns—so that no threat may emerge to endanger your people. But the denizens of the Dungeon of Flowers have been waiting for you, and their plans are far from what you expect…

Made by Matt Surka for A Game By Its Cover 2016.

Inspired by Dungeon of Flowers, a Famicase cartridge designed by Jeremy Hobbs (Ribbon Black).

Important Notes

"A classroom of first graders fell into a deep trench, and they are drawing on the walls to comfort each other" is a popular aesthetic in a parallel timeline.

I own a paint kit. Why? Why?

How to Play

Mouse to look
WASD to move
Shift to sprint
Escape for menu


Testing and vocal contributions by Sabrina Boyd.

Fairy Tale font by CloutierFontes.

Flowering Buds font by Xerographer Fonts.

Fotograami Flower font by Khaled Aldousari.

Ks.Brush font by Pedro Moreira.

EZ Camera Shake by Road Turtle Games.


Let's Play by Jupiter Hadley.

"Jam Favorites: A Game By Its Cover" by Jupiter Hadley via Fireside.

Install instructions

Download the correct package for your operating system. Extract the .zip to a folder, and then run the following file:

  • Windows: dof_v1.0.exe
  • Mac: dof_v1.0.app
  • Linux: dof_v1.0.x86


Dungeon of Flowers for Windows 93 MB
Dungeon of Flowers for Mac 63 MB
Dungeon of Flowers for Linux 62 MB


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Very nice game! I really enjoyed the audio :)

Awesome! I'm glad you liked it, and thanks so much for playing!