A downloadable game

A prototype! If you have thoughts, leave a comment on this page or come yell at me.

When the game loads, type in whatever you want for a room name and hit "PLAY." If your friends type in the same name, they'll join your room. They'll show up as giant arrows once you start.

Race to the goal by slinging yourself around with your grapple beam! Gravity is reversed, so if you get too high off the ground, you'll float into the abyss and lose. Also, every enemy you pop gets sent to your opponents. So if you want to slow them down, fire that laser!

UPDATE v0.3!
Simplified the control scheme, improved some visual feedback, and cut the enemy spawn rate. Now it's more about preserving your momentum than about being mobbed by 256 vibrating bubble monsters at once.

Install instructions

Download the correct package for your operating system. Extract the .zip to a folder, and then run the following file:

  • Windows: Grapple Shooter.exe
  • Mac: Grapple Shooter.app


Grapple Shooter for Windows 32 MB
Grapple Shooter for Mac 27 MB

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