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If you want to kill God, you have to cross all the little hells She created.

The forest cavern is one of those hells, and I've got to admit… it's a good one. Elegant! Turns out all it takes to screw us over is to shut off the lights.

It's embarrassing, honestly. I mean, we've survived on goddamn lava planets. A forest should've been no problem. At first, I was thinking that when we got back to our friends, I'd avoid mentioning this fiasco entirely. But… soon enough, I realized… we were never going to see our friends again.


Escape from a Lightless World

HEARtREAD is an audio game. Its goal is to provide a unique experience to players at all levels of visual ability. To this end, it is played on a blank screen.

Estimated play time: 30 minutes.

Note about controls: In order to turn your character, hold the left arrow key or right arrow key (rather than tapping). The game uses a slow turn speed.

More information: http://www.getinthedamnbox.com/heartread



Sabrina Boyd: Story | Design | Testing | Music | Acting

Julie Boyd: Music | Acting

Michelle Surka: Acting

Matt Surka: Story | Design | Writing | Programming | Sound Design

Erica Lahaie (@aurahack): Cover Art | Branding

Additional testing by Tim O'Connor and Daniel Horowitz.


2016 Figgie Award: Digital – Accessibility and Inclusion
(Boston Festival of Indie Games)

Interview with Little Metal Television (@ 1:57)


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Hey! This was a really fun and atmospheric game~!! (:

I love it and that song was really good! Is there a place where I can download and listen to it?


Thank you! We're so glad you enjoyed it! :)

We hadn't produced the song to stand on its own, but that's something we could do! We'll work on it and let you know once it's up!

Hello! We've produced the song and posted it online. You can get it on Bandcamp or SoundCloud.

Bandcamp should let you download it for free. (No need to tip---just grab it!) Let us know if it gives you any trouble, and thanks again for playing!